Survivors Invitation

Deirdre Kohler will be the guest speaker at the Relay for Life function in Port Elizabeth on 9 March 2012. Based on last year's attendance, 1000 people are expected to attend.  For more details email

WSSFN Congress Cape Town

The WSSFN Congress takes place in Cape Town from 20 - 24 November 2011. This congress is for the World Society for Stereotatic and Functional Neurosurgery. The Brain Tumour Foundation has been invited to exhibit and this is significant as we are the only charity represented.

It has been a challenge raising funds to get to the event. We have free brain tumour magazines, information on latest technologies as well as getting to know who the international doctors are.

Fortunately so far we have received the stand for free and a free dinner for the opening function from the organisers. We have also got free accommodation at The Commodore Hotel for 5 nights. Their accommodation is reasonably priced but the real bonus is that it is on the Waterfront in Cape Town!

None of our 'staff' get paid at this stage and most of the work Deirdre has done to date has been free. Thank you so much for the help thus far, if any one can offer donations, car hire and flights, it would be much appreciated.

Also, iRapid Consult is offering discounted professional opinions on MRI's and I will be writing about that shortly once we have finalised the arrangements.

"Think A Head" 'Fun'draiser and Awareness photo shoot

FREE FUN FUN!! Come to our booth and take free photos! 

11 - 13 November 2011 : Brain Tumour "Fun"draising Photo Shoot
Theme: "Think A Head" 
Place: Dulce Walmer Park, Port Elizabeth
Amuse:  Free photos and lucky draws. Bring a hat and / or wig or use one of ours! All pictures can be downloaded or our website.
Donations: Please have your photo taken and donate to our foundation and take part in our raffle.
Price: FREE and all donations go to BTFSA

We will have brochures and information for any who want to know more about brain tumours or our foundation. Deirdre Kohler's book will be on sale at a special promotional price of R100.

More information to be updated shortly, please call Deirdre on 083 380 3725 or email

Thank you to our sponsors:

And the renovated under new management Dulce Walmer Park, Port Elizabeth

Fun fundraising events coming up!!

We are having an photo booth event at Dulce Cafe Walmer Park from 11 - 13th November. You will be able to have FREE photos taken we just ask you to please give a donation the foundation. All pics will be available electronically via Facebook, email or BBM. Deirdre Kohler will also have her book for sale at a special price for R100 of which R10 goes to the foundation. It is great as a gift for Christmas!

Bring your friends, take a few photos, donate to our cause, buy a signed book and have a delicious cup of coffee from Dulce if you like!

The BTFSA has raised through donations R3000 so far for Wade, a patient who is looking for financial assistance to help with this treatment costs. We thank all of those who have donated. We will shortly be handing the money over with a newspaper article.

If anyone wishes to donate to the foundation, please email

Brain Tumour Fundraiser Tea Party 22 October 2011

Hi all!

Just to say that our Tea Party was a big success and fully booked! It was extremely encouraging to see that there were 7 brain tumour survivors that partook in the festivities. We had MANY sponsors of vouchers and prizes and I feel it is only fair that we mention their efforts. I will be putting their details on our "Supporters Page" in a few days once we have confirmed their information. Just to mention it was also my Grandmother's birthday- Auriol McMahon.

Thank you SO much!